Learn to love Punjabi by loving to learn Punjabi!

Our Intro
For our children to know our Punjabi language and culture is very important to both myself, Narindar (Nina) Chouhan, and my husband, Sukhvinder (Sukhi) Chouhan. I was born and raised in Canada, however, have always had a keen interest in Punjabi. I speak Punjabi fluently and have been able to read and write since I was about 8 years old. My interest in my culture grows each day as I learn more. My husband was born and raised in Punjab, India and moved to Canada in 1997. Though he has embraced the Canadian culture, he has never forgotten his Punjabi language and culture.

Our Inspiration
Our first born and our inspiration for our Punjabi products, was born in 2008. For the last 3 years I have been a stay-at-home mom and have been working hard to teach him our culture and language, Punjabi. Due to the lack of exposure to Punjabi, the latter of the two has been an increasingly difficult task. While our son was very young we started entertaining ideas which made Punjabi a part of everyday fun and learning. For example, I choreographed simple movements, much like Itsy, Bitsy Spider, to folk songs. While doing so, I started to look for toys/tools that can help us add to our son’s Punjabi learning experience.

My Lipi
After searching endlessly for fun Punjabi language toys/tools to help teach our son and coming up empty handed, I decided to take matters into my own hands. This marked the start of MY LIPI. I started to research and design our first products in 2009, of which we are now ready to introduce the Punjabi Alphabet Foam Puzzle. We continue to research children’s language development and design toys which provide a fun learning tool as well as enhance a child’s overall learning experience. MY LIPI products are a fun way for parents and children to teach and learn Punjabi.

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